Just starting out

I am an aspiring blacksmith. My grandfather was a blacksmith on a cotton plantation in Mississippi many years ago. He died before I was born so I never got to see him work. I’ve always been interested in the art but never got into it. I’m at a point in my life, I’m 50, where I have a place to do it and the means to pay for it. My 88 yo father has a lady friend who is widowed. Her husband had an anvil that belonged to his grandfather. My father worked out a deal with her today for that anvil. I haven’t seen it yet in person but have seen a picture of it. He says the anvil and the stand it’s on are at least 250 lbs, probably more. The anvil looks to be in good shape. I’m looking forward to getting started in the art and learn a whole new set of skills.

Congrats on the anvil! Love to see those pics

Nice! Love to see the shots when you get it, that’s sounds like a weight that will keep for a long time.

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