Just bought this anvil, Good Deal? Anyone know the maker?

I just bought this anvil today. Ive been procrastinating for years since I do a lot of metal work. I paid $550 for it along with the six hardy hole things. It weighs 145lbs and rings great. Not sure why it has two mouse holes though, and I cant tell who made it. Would love to know some more about it. I bought it in Philadelphia PA. I bought it from a guy about 70 years old who said it was his grandfathers. I bought it out of his shop built in 1920. Thats all I know. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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If its not stamped upon the Anvil, it would only be a guess,
ether way with the hardy tools you got a good deal, and what you have will last your lifetime,
So-now all you have to do, is become one with the anvil,
don’t do any silly grinding back and facing, just a light sanding and –
Then just use it how it is,
and the fact it has no name or brand, means it is a clean skin,
so you now have, the privilege now - to name it.

No matter the tool, its only as good as the person using it:

That’s a Trenton - you can tell by the diamond like shape on the stamp and the shape. I think it’s a farrier’s style anvil with the two pritchel holes - for easier time making horseshoes.

That is a real nice anvil, Trenton’s are top quality - 145 is a great weight. You should be very happy with that! The horn looks in wonderful shape.

Wire brush that thing and I would sand off any little lips like on the step it looks like there is a bit of a lip. The edges look a bit worse for wear on the side you’re showing - I would maybe take a some sanding belts to it in order to smooth it out. I have an Arm and Hammer that has an edge that looks just like that that I have smoothed out a bit over time, it helps.

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I think you got a good deal too. Good tools are hard to find used, especially anvils. Old school is the way to go for myself, but couldn’t find one worth buying in Central California. I don’t even want to say what I just paid for a new Rigid. Enjoy!

@SharpPotato I just noticed, does that hot cut hardie have a hole through it? Like it was a splitting maul or axe at some point?

If that’s a hole through the hardie, I would retire it. That doesn’t seem entirely safe or sturdy to me. Hot cut hardies are easy enough to make.

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