Just Arrived

My Name is Denis-Peter: of the family Rawlinson:

Q-1: Where do you live?:
I live in Queensland,
Australia, (one of the down under tribe)

Q-2: How did you get started?
Needed to expand my creative mind:

Q-3: How long have you been in the craft?
Just starting:

Q-4: What has been your most proud project to date?
Well that has turned into projects, one cannot get into a craft honestly without creating the tools required, My creations stated building a small foundry all but finished, to melt aluminium, for casting Rods to machine on my Lathe, (another hobby) which I had plans to use, with my wrought iron work, (cold twisting and bending) Fancy Candle holders –wall and free standing, bird cages, and other projects, using mild steel, flat, square, and round bar.(another hobby), It was while looking for ideas on foundries on Youtube, I came across blacksmithing, and forges, and as I had built a few Rocket stoves, I was drawn to the blacksmithing, so built my first Forge using a few ideas from Youtube, and Ideas I had, and wanted, then I picked up a Leg vice and some tools, along with an anvil, then I built the shed required next to my shed, picked up a swage, and created a holding device for it to hold it on the anvil, and now I am ready to start, Though do have to build a gas forge as soon as I can get down to Brisbane and pick a load of refractory blocks up.

So there you have it: (well some of it): as I have not finished yet:
Particularly after a few clowns said I was to old for it:

Denis-Peter: 72 years Young:

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