I've wanted to get into this but didn't know where to start

I have nothing kinda want to know where to start I’m on a budget im a young man wanting to relieve some stress by by beating steel into beautiful knives and other handmade tools but have no idea where to start

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Check out Alec Steele on YouTube. This guy is 19 and has been forging since he was 11. Awesome guy to watch blacksmith and a huge amount of knowledge.

To start blacksmithing you need a decent space, a forge (gas/coal, I prefer gas), something to hold the hot metal with(tongs) , and something to hit hot metal against (anvil).

Just know you’re gonna get blisters, your going to sweat, and your going to want to do it more and more!

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I totally agree, Alec Steele is great. Fun to watch, full of energy and really loves the craft. Another YouTuber “BackyardBowyer” has some great videos for beginners, and does a lot of knife making.

I built a charcoal forge for under $100 and it works fine. It won’t quite get hot enough for forge welding, but it works great for most forging tasks and it got me started learning the craft. Here’s a video where I discuss the process of building my cheapy forge: https://youtu.be/jDnbScHmxZQ

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