Info about this leg Vice?

Hey guys, was hoping maybe someone on here might be able to help me Divine some of the specifics of who created this Vice and roughly when? Through my own research I would guess sometime around early 1900s and I think it was by that German company that was eventually bought out by Colombian but I’m not entirely sure. The Jaws open up at least six and a half inches, perhaps a little more stands right at a little over 39 in tall and it has very few stampings on it however it does have a 2 stamped under the triangle plate, also has a 50-inch onto the top side of the Vise which I’m guessing is the weight and what appears to be a four and possibly a w the inside of the actual grip. I’m taking some photos so any assistance would be appreciated

Also trying to get a general ballpark idea of the value of a Vice like this as although I forged Damascus steel for quite a while I had to downsize and don’t need anything quite this large