I'm new to the forum and new to blacksmithing.

I live on a small subsistence farm where we are 80% self sufficient on food. I just went on solar at the barn and am planning to do it on the house. My point being that I want to be able to rely more on myself in the future. I’m currently planning my forge . Because I a disabled Veteran and live on a very small budget (fixed income) I want to ask for suggestions on my build. I have a local junk yard that will supply what I can get there for $0.33 lb.
I would be grateful for all the advice and information anyone is willing to give.
If I can learn from others that means fewer mistakes and fewer wasted $$$$.
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome aboard aamos91,

Very cool that you are going self sufficient! Been interested in that for a long time. How much land you got out there in TN? Beautiful country, I was just out in the smokeys for a week.

As for getting started with junk yard items, you can check out quite a few different articles about brake drum coal forges. That is about as cheap as you can get… I see many people throw together brake drum forges with blow dryers that are used for the air supply. They seem to work sufficiently enough for lots of folk.

Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

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