Identify this forge

Hello! I’ve been offered an opportunity to buy a coal forge, but I’m having trouble finding info on it as there are no manufacturer stamps on the forge. The only stamp is a “41” on the blower. The pan is similar to Champion models I’ve seen online.

Can anyone help me identify the forge, the age, and approx value?

No other markings on the other side? Any more photos? The fire pot/forge area are important to inspect. If there is a visible crack, that brings it down quite a bit in price. How’s it crank? I’d throw a belt on that and see how it blows before putting a firm price on it. If you can’t get a belt on it, see if the blower spins freely and feel if air is being pushed out. It’s not a deal breaker if you need to piece apart that blower and restore it, but it is additional work.

I can’t tell the manufacturer, but I would date that later than most older coal forges - the angle iron legs throws me off and makes me thing it’s not as old, most of the old ones are tube legs.

Some more information can help price it, if it blows good, firepot isn’t cracked, no little quirks I’d say you’d be looking at $150-250 in this market.

I sold a similar forge for $150 about a year and a half ago that was in pieces. I had all the pieces, but it needed work. It came with 100 lbs of coal.

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