Identify this Anvil

Hi there, new member, I picked up this anvil for free and would like to know a bit about it. It’s a Peter Wright. Can anyone let me know what the markings are? The top and horn need some cleanup and I can rebuild the chipped edges with hard surface rod.

Welcome to the forums, @Forge239!

Funny you posted this as another post on the forums here is of the same maker (Peter Wright). Peter Wright’s are very well made anvils, you should be very happy with this, especially for free.

The 1, 0, 16 is the hundred weight system. It lets you know how heavy the anvil is - the first number is 112lbs per number, the second is 28lbs per number, and the third is straight up pounds.

We know your anvil then is (1 * 112) + (0 * 28) + (16 * 1) = 128 pounds.

Let’s see a few more shots of that beauty, looks like you have it on a stand already!

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Yes I’m pretty happy to have found it. They were going to throw it out. I will post some more pics.

Here is a pic of the Anvil