How to progress skills?

Hi there, I’m a newbie. Should I start with advanced projects or build my skills by starting with simple projects that gradually become harder? Please tell me if you’re a master or newb, and if one method worked for you or not really. Thanks in advance.

Hi Hux,
I’m still pretty new to blacksmithing as well but I’ve heard from many master blacksmiths
to just start on small projects that will build your fundamentals. Just make sure you’re always
doing something, I’ve found myself in the past always contemplating doing projects but never actually gathered myself to do them. (BIG MISTAKE) Attempt everything that comes to mind and you will eventually learn what works and what doesn’t, on the first knife I made I ended up melting the tip off, learned from it, haven’t done it since. There are loads of youtube videos on small projects for beginners to partake in.

Hope this helped,

Yes thank you it is VERY useful info. Other wise I would have skipped cool projects in the future… Hey, newbies do have good experience to share with each other. Thanks again.


I agree with Owen, start small and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Another good piece of advice I got from a teacher was to make many of one thing. For instance, I just made six fireplace pokers. Doing the same moves repeatedly was really helpful! Good luck!


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