How many Burners?

Looked around and tried searching. How do you know you need a second burner? I built a burner but I haven’t attached it to the forge yet. I was thinking I may need a 2nd burner but can’t find any details on when a 2nd one is needed. I’m an using a old Pressure Tank as a forge.

its something to do with how many cubic inches you have inside the forge, i belive a burner with a one inch pipe, 2inch to 1 inch reducer for venturi, about 12 inch long will do up to 350 cubic inches but i could be wrong.
hope that helps :slight_smile:

It does Steve! I’m running a 3/4 x 10” Black Steel Nipple with a 1.5” to 3/4 reducing bell on the end and a 1” by 3/4 on the gas side. Wonder if I need to switch the reducing Bell on the business end?

you could try 1 1/4 inch and see if that makes much difference, if you go too big the flame wont stay on the end of the burner :slight_smile: my other burner im building this weekend is 2inch to 1 inch reducer venturi end 12 inch by 1 inch nipple and 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch flare on the flame end with a .8 mm 030 mig tip , rough set up produced a beast of a flame :smiley:

I’ve been seeing a lot of mig tip set ups. This is my first forge so I don’t want to go all out just quite yet. Maybe one day soon.

i found it easier to use a mig tip as a jet than drilling a hole that is less than a mm and they are easily changed out :slight_smile:

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