Help with Rebuilding 80T 4-Post Hydraulic Press

I just purchased this hydraulic press and power unit and I’m planning to fully refurbish it. The plan is to build a new stand that integrates the power unit, powder coat nearly everything, and make new stainless platen plates to cover the existing ones.
It’s my understanding that the press and power unit have never been used together before, but they seem well matched.

[size=5]Press Specifications:[/size]
Manufacturer: Unknown
Cylinder External Dimensions: 11in OD x 17.5in
Estimated Tonnage: 10in ID x 2000psi = ~80T
Platen Size: 22in x 14in x 3in
Daylight: ~19in
Post Size: 2.375in x 40in
Post Clearance: 14.5in+ x 6.5in+
Bushing Size: 3in OD, x 2.375in ID x 3in

[size=5]Hydraulic Power Unit Specifications:[/size]
Manufacturer: Unknown
Motor: 7.5HP Baldor/Vickers
Pump: Vickers Vane Pump
Regulator: ? 9869-OP
Gauge: 6000PSI

I’ve never worked on a press like this and I have a few questions before I get started:


  1. What type of seals am I likely to encounter and how would I go about replacing them if necessary?
  2. Does anyone have any idea who the manufacturer of the press is?
  3. If I flip the press upside down (so the hydraulic cylinder is above), would there be any drawbacks?
  4. Is it a good idea to replace the bushings, and if so, what’s the best type and method of removal?
  5. I plan on making some 1.25in thick 17-4 H900 stainless steel plates to bolt to the existing platens which I plan to machine a threaded hole pattern onto (3/8”-16 with 2in spacing). Does that seem like a good/bad idea?
  6. What’s the best way to determine the maximum tonnage/hydraulic-pressure that is safe to use this press at?
  7. Should I rebuild the hydraulic pump (e.g. seals) while I’m at it (proactively)?
  8. What hydraulic oil should I buy?
  9. I might make a smaller hydraulic oil tank to give the press a smaller footprint/height… What’s the best way to size a tank for this application?
  10. What’s the best way to remove the rust from the posts without changing the diameter? (Nearly everything else is going to be sand blasted for powder-coating)
  11. What sort of controls should I consider if there’s only occasionally going to be a couple people using this press?
  12. Is there anything I’m not thinking of (e.g. potential disassembly/reassembly difficulties)?

Thanks a lot in advance for the help, I really appreciate it!

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