Help with coal!

I have no idea how to light coal

my dad gave me a hand,
he puored deisel over the coals
and then used a gas torch to light it
probably not the safest way
but it worked

just an idea

Thank you so much.
I will wait until I have more replies and then I’ll review the options.:grinning:

To light coal you’ll want to make a small wood fire at the bottom of the forge, then while feeding it air pile the coal on top of it slowly. This should start it right up. Make sure there is flame instead of smoke coming out of the pile before you start forging. Don’t let it sit too long or it will go out and it’s very hard to restart.

I always used a charcoal chimney to get my wood fired smoker going, few hardwood briquets and paper in bottom, no hydrocarbons required.

Personally, I’d avoid diesel. I assume you’re burning coal in a forge? I’ll bet there’s a bunch of Youtube videos on starting a coal forge fire. Good luck!

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