Help pricing an antique forge

Guys, I need the wisdom of people who know more than I. An old friend recently passed away and I’m helping his widow and sons get rid of some of the barn full of stuff he left behind.
He has a Buffalo Forge Co. Forge. cast iron blower operated by electric motor. My guess is that the motor will need replacing. It’s work surface is around 3’x3’ and it has a hood/chimney. Forgive me if I’m not using the correct terminology.
I used this forge with him when I was a teenager, I’m collecting Social Security now. It’s been stored in a garage and not outside. She was just going to put it in a yard sale but I told her that it had value. I just don’t know what that value is as I can’t really find anything comparable to it for sale.
Could someone give me a ballpark estimate for her. Thanks in advance 16149 16148


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