Help Identifying and Repairing Anvil

I picked this up from the shop floor out at the family farm, covered in dirt and grease. I did some preliminary cleaning and am unable to identify the makers marks on it. I also don’t know the best way to clean up the surface and whether or not to clean up (wire wheel or grind) some of the marks on the sides. I’ve heard the marks are notches from tools that were made on the anvil and they tested the hardening by hitting on side of anvil.

As you can also see, there is a chunk missing from the corner of the face. I don’t have a lot of welding experience, but do an alright job at stick welding. is it possible/worth it to build up the corner with some weld beads and then grind it down to rebuild the edge? What kind of welding rod and procedure should I use?

Thanks for any help, appreciate it!

Here is one more picture to help show the markings on the anvil.

I was able to do some research and found out a little bit of information if anyone is interested. I was able to make out:

Appears I have a Peter Wright anvil, can barely make out the ‘O’ in ‘SOLID’ and ‘UGHT’ in ‘WROUGHT’ that is in a circle pattern below.

The weight of the anvil is marked by a 1 on the left and a 0 on the right, can’t make out the center numeral, but I think there is a 1 there also, which would make this a 140#. I will verify on a scale when I get a chance.

I talked with my father-in-law, and he said his grandfather used to board horses and they had a contract with the county to maintain several miles of road that went past the property, which they used horses and horse-drawn equipment to maintain. So most of the marks are probably not from tool making, but from shoeing horses.

My question still remains about what the best (and simplest) way to repair the edge of the face would be. I have some 7018 rod in the shop and I’ve read a couple places that would be sufficient to build that corner back up and then grind it back to shape. I’ve seen it’s recommended to preheat the anvil to 400F and to do 1" beads at a time as to not overheat one area and peen the beads to work harden as they cool.

Any advice is appreciated, I’ll continue to post pics as I get the anvil cleaned up and put back into service.

It looks like a vulkin but I would say its a Peter wright

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I say it looks like a vulkin because of the shape

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The 7018 works but you don’t need to pre heat it

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I would agree Peter wright

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