Help building a forge

Hey all. I’m fairly new blacksmithing and I’m wanting to build a forge. Not my first one but it will be my first propane forge. My old one was just a coal/ wood forge that my buddy ended up backing his truck into and destroying. I’ve done some little piddly stuff, just kind of getting a feel for how the steels I have move. My questions are what is the best thing to use as the body of the forge? I’ve seen people use all manner of things but what would you guys and gals recommend? For my other question, has anyone here made or heard of someone making a forge out of a 100# propane cylinder? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone. :slight_smile:

hey, I buid a propane forge last year. i used an emty gas cilinder i dont know the sizes for sure but i can look them up later, i think it is about 60 cm with a diamater form 40 cm. I used 2 layers of kaowool for isolation. I drilled 2 holes for the burners and it works great for forging.
befor this forge i made one from fire bricks. it worked but they didnt isolate that well so my forge didnt get realy hot.

Awesome! Thank you so much. That’s super helpful, I really appreciate it. About how far from the front of your forge did you drill the holes and how big are each of the holes?

Here is mine.

Awesome, thank you very much!

I built a ribbon burner propane forge 2 years ago and it’s been doing fine. Used castable refractory for the inside and an old air tank for the shell. Most expensive thing was a propane regulator. Good luck.