Hello from Virginia

Hi. I’m a beginner Blacksmith living in Virginia. I’ve always been fascinated with blacksmithing since I was a kid. I have been playing around for a few months or so. I’m teaching myself and I’m worried about what type of steel I can put in the forge. Is there a reference anywhere that I can look at? I know the basics like no galvanized steel or chrome plated etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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Mild steel…it’s thickness depending upon the style of forge you choose to build.

As @John says, just use mild steel for now, you can find it at local steel supplier stores - if you’re not sure, ask the front desk.

Safest bet is uncoated, straight up rebar - lots of smiths use it and it’s great to practice/use.

Well, I am also new over here and like to explore more over here. Firstly, I want to open with you all as I am Ignacio. There are different types steel available i the market. I think you should go for the carbon steel as it is vulnerable to corrosion.

Well, after a bit of time I am again here to discuss with you.