Hello from the UK


Hi, I am quite new to the art of blacksmith, and I have done a few projects, from leaf key chains, and knot key chains. Hooks, and last night I made a spring fuller.I am going to start doing some troll cross’s The part of the England I live in is Cumbria, near to the border of Scotland.


Welcome @Russ! Would love to see some photos of your leaf key chains, I really like those.


This is one I made last week.


Hey looking good @Russ! I learned a trick with these leaves, for the veins, that you could maybe try out if you are interested.

What you want to do is after you put your chisel marks in for the vein (and maybe make the veins with a sharper chisel to go a little deeper into the metal, but definitely not all the way through!), grab a stump or piece of wood, get the leaf hot again, flip it around so the veins are facing down into the wood, and with a ball pein or a handled tool that is very round give it one hard hit.

what you get is an effect where the veins open up looks very nice - I’ll try to remember to take a shot of one leaf i did like this tonight and post it here.


Yeah will try it, the photo of the leaf is only the third leaf that I made. I have spent this afternoon making a rivet set, it’s looking OK so far, am trying to make a lot of the tools I need, I have problems with walking so I have made my workshop so I can do most things sitting down. Any advice is all ways appreciated.