Hello from the Left Coast

I am new to the craft, and live in Central California. I used to be a sheet metal mechanic in the Pacific N.W. and have always liked playing around with metals. Got bit by the blacksmithing bug after an episode of Forged in Fire, figured out pretty quickly it was not the real deal. So, am going about it backwards by acquiring equipment first. I bought a Ridgid Model 12 and am building two forges out of a Texas offset smoker ( what a crime huh?). Got a 2 x72" belt grinder and a buffer. Also recently bought an old Gorton vertical milling machine, couldn’t pass it up.
Anyway, glad I found the site.

Welcome Chad! Glad to have you around, have you made any blades yet or still gathering equipment? Would love to see what you’ve come up with so far!

Hi Grant, Thank You!
I’m still setting up shop between exams and school demands. Full time University student. So, haven’t actually made any blades yet, posted a query on “How To …” on building natural gas forges. Heres some others…