Hello From Tennessee!

New member here from the great state of Tennessee! I’ve been in industrial maintenance for the last 20+ years, so I’m no stranger to working with metal. However, most of my experience lies in welding, cutting, grinding, fabricating, etc… I’ve always wanted to get into blacksmithing, as a hobby, but just haven’t done so until now. I’m now in the process of gathering up some of the necessary tools and equipment. (that I don’t already have) Next, I’ll be trying to carve out a suitable place to do some forging here at the house. I have a decent shop, but I was thinking about adding on to make a specific area for forging. I just purchased 2 anvils today, but they are overseas, and will take quite some time to get here. I’m also in the process of trying to order an induction heater. I would like to have a coal forge as well for the possibility of doing some Damascus work in the future. Well, I didn’t mean to write a book here. Look forward to learning from all of you, and maybe being able to contribute some in the future. Thanks for having me.