Hello from Perth Australia


hi, my name is Adam
I am just getting into the art of blacksmithing. I got into it at a mates place, came home and built a fore.
I don’t know much about the craft except what I have learnt from Alec Steele and what Google has to offer.
I would appreciate any tips whatsoever on the whole topic of forging and blacksmithing.
I come from Serpentine, WA Australia, I am 15 and currently attend yr10 at school frowning_face:
I was just wondering though, is wood or coal better?


Google and YouTubers are great resources. Just keep learning, keep at it, you’ll learn by doing mostly - also find others in your area that blacksmith as well.

Coal will be better for you in the long run, it will burn hotter than wood, but work with what you got! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Thankyou very much
i hope to learn a lot here

coal is a little bit too expensive for me at this stage but i will consider it in the future

cheers Adam


Hi Adam,
If you can swing it, there’s a pretty good book for beginners, mostly from a bladesmithing focusbut covers basics of steel selection, heat treat and tools.MAPyUhyBT%25iV%25neVG7gYLQ|375x500