Hello from on Virginia

My name is Chris

Where am I from?
Bedford, VA

How did I get started?
I have always had an interest in moving metal. I have built several coal gorges over the years but presently I do not have one ready. I’m planning to build a brick forge with a natural clay pot this time around. The last one I made was a ground forge, the blower I had made from an old vacuum cleaner, it works great but burns coal very quickly, I combated this somewhat with a slide gate over the intake. The motor gets super hot now so I don’t think that it’ll last long in that particular setup. I’m going to redesign to fit the brick forge with a longer air supply line and see if that works better without the slide gate.

I can make a mean metal flower lol, my “un-started” project that I plan to start lol is going to be a bearded axe made from a 3” slice of railroad track, my anvil is crafted from the same piece of railroad track.

I can’t wait to get back to pounding metal!

Hey @ClowChee! Welcome to the forums!

I’ve always been pretty fond of brick forges, eventually I’ll likely have one in the shop - probably with just a cast metal firepot though :slight_smile:

Would be interested to see that bearded axe when you complete it, I’m sure that railroad track will be tough to move.