Hello from Indy

Where do you live?

How did you get started?
I am a chef professionally, combined with a lifetime obsession with cutlery I decided to seek an apprenticeship with a local knifemaker after seeing his work in use by some of my peers. At the time he primarily focused on stock removal, so after a new job came along with a better schedule I took the opportunity to strike out on my own, and have been mostly self taught on general blacksmithing skills, other than basic metallurgy learned during my apprenticeship

How long have you been in the craft?
3 years, give or take.

What has been your most proud project to date?
I recently finished my first pattern weld blade, no press/power hammer, no flux, in a propane forge.


If you don’t mind, I would definitely like to see that , and probably some other people here. :smiley:

it has a small inclusion at the tip, but as I made this blade for my own use at work I left it there, I figured if it causes problems I can regrind it later. Also, this picture is after 2 months daily use, and was etched with only coffee, no ferric or muriatic, so the pattern has dulled a bit but is still holding strong.

I like it. I especially like the pattern.

@Warfleigh_Forge Very nice blade! I like that pattern, well done :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums.

The pattern that you designed on the knife is quite unique and nice. I had never seen such kind of knife before.