Hello from arkansas

Its 2brokes introduction time i guess haha. Im in south east arkansas and i got into blacksmithing from a friend. He was telling me about a friend of his was going to let him apprentice for him for a few years and started telling me about what his friend had taught him and has told me about a cheap forge you can make called the brake drum forge that i plan on throwing a few twists on. Im using tapatalk but i feel like i cant acess the full site so that wont last long. I cant eait to start learning and right now im collecting parts. Trying to find the biggest brake drum or rotor i can find for my pot and i plan on using an old grill for a roll around stand. Sorry my posts are long winded. No projects yet either.

Welcome 2broke! Happy to see another new comer at the site. Looking forward to seeing your progress in getting up and started :slight_smile:

Making good progress! Might already have an anvil. Its a smaller sized one but its old and been on a farm most of its life. I figure i can clean it up and itd be a nice solid anvil. No nicks or hammer marks

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Sweet! Post a picture to the anvils section when you get it!

I cant wait to get started!

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