Hello from Alabama!

My name is Drew and I’m completely new to the trade. So new in fact that I’m looking for info on how to build a forge and what’s the best way to go for the price of materials. I’ve been wanting to get into smithing for a while and a local here in Birmingham was going to teach me, but sadly he died in a motorcycle accident before I was able to attend a single class.

So, in light of that, I seek help here. I look forward to learning.

welcome Drew :smiley: blacksmithing is addictive :wink: you tube has many designs and ideas i looked at a lot and went with what was in my budget and what i had laying around to build my forge, mostly other peoples scrap :smiley: even a pile of bricks and some charcoal or coal and a blower to get you going and see how you like it :smiley: its mostly about having fun.