Hello fellow craftsmen

I picked up this hobby because of my love for the show FIF . It looked easy and seemed cheap :laughing:

Well I have been crafting for about six month now and have made three different coal forges
1 ) was my start up a folding chair and a cast iron pan
2 ) was a rotor in a steel box

3 ) is a lawnmower deck with a rotor on a 50 gallon drum

I have made 1 knife out of a old wrench and it turned out pretty nice for my first project
Now I am reading up and watching videos on how to make tongs
I am also learning how long to keep your steel in the fire :laughing: I have lost some steel do to burn off
I am using a train track anvil on a stump now in hopes to get a real anvil some day if I can afford one
I live in very northern part of IL 2 mins from Wi
I look forward to reading and learning from this site
Thanks you and keep the steel hot

Hi, Aaron! Welcome to the forum. Those are some great startup projects. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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