Heat Treating mild steel?

I know that heat treating mild steel won’t do much for it’s hardness, but for basic tools, what is a good method for heat treating mild steel to at least get a little more life out of those mild steel tools?

I have just water quenched it, not sure if it’s doing much as a file still digs in.

To get the most hardness out of my mild steel I just water quench it after critical, seems to work ok.

As far as I can think of, the faster the quench the better… so maybe colder water might get it harder? As hard as it can possibly be, that is.

Maybe others have better luck with other procedures

Anybody try case hardening? Never tried it myself yet but it sounds promising.


Mild heat treating of steel components describes a process in which steel is subjected to a combination of heating and cooling operations in order to increase its strength and durability

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