Have a problem in creating a gas forge

Hello, this is my first post and I am trying to create my first forge or foundry. I have done my homework on this and I want a gas forge for ease of use… But there is one problem I live in the Philippines and there is nothing like a fire brick or kaowool or sodium silicate (to make my own firebricks)… I have searched high and low for this and there is nothing that resembles this or a way for me to buy the ingredients for me to make my own… With that being said is a gas forge still a good choice? or would a charcoal forge be a more viable option

I was thinking about building this


My real question is this okay to make sure I like it?.. and if i use only concrete how long will it last?.. ( I am aware of the deformation point of the concrete is I want to say around 1000 degrees C off the top of my head. so that poses a problem…)

Of course off setting it, to have a vortex effect with the flame…
My only interest is making knives ( at this point)

And Yes I have the other safety tools as well as an anvil

i have tried several linings on a bucket forge including sand and plaster(cracked a lot and fell out after 10 uses but i did turn it up side down :cry:) i have been told concrete and perlite works well. most refactor linings only have a limited life anyway.
try concrte to start with and you can always re line it :wink:
hope this helps.

you could try adding wire wool to the concrete to help with cracking. also you could use fire clay(the stuff for sealing log burner flues) or car exughst repair paste( its called gun gum in the uk) says on the tin the hotter it gets the harder it sets :slight_smile: opposite your burner to take the direct heat.
hope this helps.

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