grant, how do I send a message to another member?

i.e. you for instance?

I got my A.A.S. in web Design, but mostly learned that I was neither a code monkey, nor a designer. So now I am turning the analytical skills I learned as a production artist to IT work, and am currently looking for my first job in that field.

When I was gong through my AAS, Responsive design was just emerging,so I am intrigued by how you created your site with the variability for so many platforms.

The arrow drawing out of the headline is a nice touch,but the head doesn’t always break into two lines, which that interraction pretty much demands, so you may need to force the line break.

Hi Kjotvi!

You should be able to click on my name to view my profile, and then there should be a section of my profile that says “Contact”, and under that is “Send a message”.

I actually didn’t have this enabled yet for new users, so that is why you didn’t find it before :slight_smile:

That sounds great! Responsive design is definitely an important feature these days. Hence, Blacksmith Forums. :slight_smile:

The arrow out of the headline is actually an anvil! I don’t really want the title to break into the next line, I’ll be looking at tweaking that today.

Feel free to send me a message just to test it, and if you have other questions I’m happy to respond. Responsive design is pretty tricky thing, lots of reading and practice :slight_smile:

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