Getting Started When You're Underage

My brother is 14 and he really wants to get into woodworking and forging and all that type of thing. I wanted to get him into some sort of introduction class that goes over the basics of everything, but everything requires him to be over the age of 18 or he has to have a parent present. I live in ND and he lives in MN so I can’t go and my mom is a single mother who works 80 hours a week so she can’t go either. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could do to help get him started. If there was any clubs or classes that he could join. He’s a pretty lonely kid so I think finding a community of people like him would really help him grow.
Thank you

As far as trying his hand at Blacksmithing, I’d try going through ABANA which is in most states and they have lists of known smiths around the whole state. I personally know there are many up there as I’m in Alabama but formerly lived in Pittsburgh, PA… I’m also a woodworker and you can also check out any local votech schools.

Good Luck