Forging Bale tines or bale spikes


I have a good supply of snapped big bale tines or spikes which are 50mm dia tapering down to a spike about 1m long.

When I phoned our supplier to ask what steel they were he just said they were boron steel, he didn’t know any actual grade.

Has anyone used these before? If so whst quencbing and tempering woild you recommend?
I was planning on using them for some hand tooling.

Many thanks

Also if anyone has any ideas where to find good tool and knife steels around a farm that would be fantastic!

I’ve made a couple kindling froes from them

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Nice is that spring harrow tines?
What method of quenching did you use?

they are harrow tines?
I did not heat treat it. Being a kindling froe, i think it’s hard enough

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