Forge build / burner problems . [newbe]

hello there.
im just starting out and thought i would build a forge. there are a few problems im having and a few options i can change to try and get it working better.

will try and up load photo

the forge is a simple fire brick Assembly with a hole cut out for the stainless burner fitting
[ the hole is a snug fit ]

and the burner is one i made up, very similar and based on people have built on you tube
there is a welding tip inside as a jet [0.8mm]
the problem im having is with the set up .
i can heat steel up but probably not to the right temp. , things seem to cool down quicker once out of the forge then i would have expected, and adjusting the air flow doesn’t give you much difference in the flame picture apart from the first few turns
i can cut out the back to allow more air flow down the burner
change the tip to a smaller one / or larger
the burner pipe is 1" and ends up to a 1" socket, should i put a larger one- say 1"-1/14"
is my forge to small for the burner. ?
and also the regulator i have is a 2 stage acetylene gauge, from v low the flame struggles. and as i turn it up it gets better then latter on at just over 1 bar it starts to cut out

any help would be! grateful as would any help
i live in hull east yourshire if any one is out there. a quick search shows that its a fair drive out to find any one else that seems to be in to the hobby

Can you take a picture of the burner when it’s running? That way we can just isolate if it’s the burner or not. It looks like a fine design,

Keep in mind that if the steel gets up to a bright orange temperature, or a working temperature, that your forge is likely just fine - it’s probably the cold anvil sucking the heat out of it. I have that problem when I first start working in the shop, but as the anvil gets a good heat on it (just by doing work, do not actually heat the anvil) then the piece stays hot for that much longer.

Side note - I would definitely use a brick for the front and back to limit the amount of open air exposure.

Also, I build my burners based on Dave Hammer’s design here: might be worth a look to compare.

Thanks . Will have a look shortly.
Have taken a photo .

Thats with the gauge open to full (1.4bar) and if I crack open the air any more it cuts out . I have ordered some 0.5 tips and can cut down the length of the 1" pipe , also adding a more flaird out stainless end if it will help . But I’m thinking that I need more pressure? Maybe .

You could try a forced air propane jet, they burn extremely hot and efficient but are hard to get right. But once going its better than any forge I’ve used.

@saxby To me, that looks like it’s not getting enough fuel, or the fuel is not pressured enough. I’d expect a bigger blue tip on that burner, and if that’s maxed out and cuts out if you open the air more (it actually doesn’t look like much air) then I would first wait for a smaller tip, then look at what pressure your tank is running on it. 10-15lbs is what my tank runs.

I have my burner taken apart right now, but I’ll snap some shots once I get it back together.

One mistake everone makes is taking a BBQ regulator they will not work. If you have a Turkey fryer try that regulator. You will have more flow and up to 30 psi. I know I made the same mistake when starting out. I use a ribbon burner now I can forge at 2-7 psi . I hope this helps you.

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