Favorite book on blacksmithing?

I am always on the lookout for books about blacksmithing. Can anyone give me some suggestions on books about technique or anything else smithing related

One I can suggest is ‘The Art of Blacksmithing’ by Alex W. Bealer

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The Art of Blacksmithing is a great book! Kinda hard to sit down and read, though, in my opinion. Just because I like to see some shots and pictures of the procedures.

To that respect, I like Lorelei Sims book, “Backyard Blacksmith”. It is a great introductory book with lots of great pictures and then some projects near the end as well.

The most in depth and explained books I’ve found are the Mark Aspery ‘‘The Skills of a Blacksmith Volumes’’

1, Mastering the fundamentals of blacksmithing
2, Mastering the fundamentals of leafwork
3, Mastering the fundamentals of traditional joinery

Mark is superb at explaining how and the step by step photo’s are spot on! Well recommended!!
Mobs of step by step project, materials, tools, and techniques included for every project
Not cheap but when you read the contents of the book, you can understand why. It must have taken years to complete.
Mark Aspery = Ledgend!

Alexander Weygers, The Modern Blacksmith without question. It is more of a primer on common sense as well as a great read on blacksmithing and mechanical problem solving. You won’t put it down once you start reading it.

Hi, guys. Thanks very much for the book suggestion as they all sound very interesting! Regarding the books, do you think they would be appropriate for someone at the beginner level? Or would only experienced blacksmiths benefit/appreciate these works?

The blacksmiths craft or elementary forge practice

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Blacksmiths craft is good for beginners. Elementary forge practice is good once you get started.

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The art of Blacksmithing by Alex w bealer

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I’ll list this down. Thanks for the recommendations, guys! :slight_smile:

I will definitely check him out. I know he has a YouTube channel.

Metallurgy of steel for bladesmiths and others who heat treat and forge steel.

Free pdf by John Verhoeven.

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