Double Burner Propane Forge

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Mauna Loa’s Inferno $700
This Double Burner Forge is made from 8"x8" Steel Tubing. It is 16" long and stands at 17" tall, total height. It is perfect for any knifemaker, Blacksmith, Bladesmith, Hobbiest, or jeweler.

1" Kaowool Lining
Sealed with Rigidizer
2 Coats of Satanite
3 Doors
2 - 14" Extendable Material Rests
2 - 3/4" Atmospheric Burners
1" Thick Custom made Firebrick
Forging dimensions are 5" tall, 5 1/2" wide, 15" long with the doors closed.
Will reach 2280’F with a 0-20psi regulator

​Add a 0-20psi high pressure adjustable regulator to your package for only $50 more.​​

*2" Kaowool Lining can be done for another $30, but it will cut the forging room by 2 in, For a forging area of 3" tall x 3 1/2" wide x 15" long.

**Forges are usually made to order, they take about 1 week to build and ship​​.​

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