DIY propane forge brick questions

I am newish to blacksmithing and I am planing to build a propane forge. Ive seen videos online where people use refractory bricks and fire bricks, just refractory bricks, and just fire bricks. I was wondering if someone can help me. Do I need to use both types, or will one type of brick be ok. And if I need to use both types how should they be placed in the forge?

You can use either and get good results, just make sure they aren’t bricks made from concrete, they will crack and crumble if heated too much, they can also explode so definitely don’t use them!

Hi Graham

I built a gas forge, using refractory, on the sides and bottom , and used a half fire brick set into the bottom, as the working base, as it does get abused with pieces of steel being pushed in and pulled out:
the half fire brick was like a long tile, just half the thickness, and was quite easy to set into the bottom refractories using a hand saw, this help stop damage to the refractory being a softer brick,
it works relay well, I di put up pictures showing the forge:
hope this helps:

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