Clinker breaker

I’ve been blacksmithing since I was in second grade and I finally got a large shop. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on making a clinker breaker.

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Hey Cooper,

Clinker breakers can be a bunch of different shapes. Usually though you want something a little more triangle in shape.

If I were you, find the size of the clinker breaker you need (measure firepot hold, give a good 1/2" or so space around the clinker breaker for air to go around). once you have that measurement, then get a V-block that will fit that piece and a round bar of close size. You’ll have to do some math here to get the correct clinker breaker size. Use the V block to shape the bar into a triangle, turning it every few hits. Once you get that done, drill a few air holes through each flat so you can get good air through the clinker brekaer. Then you can weld a round bar to it to fit in your firepot.

If you post some pictures and dimensions, I can help you with the math. But that’s generally how I’ve seen them built.

I’ve seen a bunch of different shapes, no real specifics, just gotta break the clinkers but still let some good air through.

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