Buying a cracked anvil

Hi all, new to the forum. Go easy
I have offered to purchase an anvil on ebay. On viewing the pictures on my pad in a larger format . I realise the plate has a crack, i am guessing 25_30 mm deep. Right across the plate. A is it repairable? Likely cost£
Is its only use as an ornament?
Is the top cast or decent steel?
It is going to cost me £200 to buy.
I can send an email link. Not sure if is allowed here, so may have to pm it
It is currently in someone’s garden

@Spiffing Welcome to the forums! Happy to have you here.

I think we need to see a photo of it, cracks can be repaired for sure, either professionally (costs more) or just by a good welder (you’ll loose some bounce/hardness, but have a flat surface). Either add a few photos, on your post here of the anvil itself can help answer some of your questions.

If I were in your position, first I’d need to know the weight of the anvil, then how deep the crack is. If the top plate of steel is cracked, right across the plate, that would immediately drop the price - my main question would be what the crack was caused by, and if more would appear over time and use. That being said, if it was a good price and you were determined, for me I would probably just grind the crack out and fill it in - if you know how to weld, you’ll want a deep penetration on it.

Having anvils professionally restored is costly, it requires proper rods and procedure. It would almost certainly cost the anvil over again in price, and likely more.

Add some pictures, let’s see what we’re looking at here. Also add what the weight is.

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