Blacksmith Trading Post Website/App!

Hey everyone - I created a new website and mobile application for people to buy/sell/trade blacksmith stuff!

I’m very interested in your feedback, check it out at - if you want to get the mobile app, there is a link at the bottom of the web site.

Right now, it’s only for Android, but I do plan on pushing out an iOS application here within the next couple of months.



What a fantastic idea hope it’s successful.

Hey @Russ - thanks! I do too, it may not catch on given people have ebay, craigslist, facebook, etc. But it would be nice to not have to weed through the many unrelated listed items when trying to find an anvil, or a forge.

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Thank you for the app! I look forward to selling some tools soon. The setup looks pretty good.

@Hux Thanks! Hoping it will gain traction eventually here, and of course if you (or anyone else) finds any issues just let me know.

Hey Grant,
Love the idea. Hope it works. Might be great for selling/buying extra materials. lIke buying a partial roll of kaowool you didnt need all of, might help out a beginner

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