Best metal that can melt using the 'hole in ground' techniqu is the technique I’m talking about

Aluminum’s great, but can you melt stronger metals?
Can you add other materials in the mix to create a stronger end product? If so, what can you add?

I’m thinking of using zinc, but should I combine them in the forge or just have zinc by itself? I wouldn’t want to inhale zinc fumes and get metal fume fever.

They make a repacement metal for lead to fill brass pipe prior to bending to avoid kinking, it is a low temp melt point material…might be worth a try…

Aluminum ir really the best for this as it can stay liquid long enough to get down the channels and also has enough surface tension when liquid to reman in the channels and not bleed through the soil.

your going to need a blower to get higher temps for copper/ brass etc.

Excellent read here:

and I just have to show you this, it’s an “aluminum factory” that I visited in Madagascar. Fuel used just as with everything else there is charcoal made from eucalyptus trees.

thats a really useful link trials thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

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