Belt grinder

Has anyone got any advise or can tell me how to make a belt grinder for knife making? They are so expensive I can’t stretch that far!

Get a second-hand belt sander.
clamp it in an upside down position to the workbench or in a vice
There you have a small beltsander


This was a very helpful tip. Thanks, NoFuNcLuB!

Howdy neighbor.
The 1 x 30 belt grinder is what I started with . Its got an affordable starting point and the belts are cheap. The biggest down side is you have to be patient , It takes a while to grind a bevel and it wont remove scratches like a big belt will.
The 1 x 30 is still my goto for my handles. Its much less aggressive and mistakes are much easier to correct.


Also, I believe you are in the Tampa area. So am I so if you need any local info please let me know.


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