Beginning projects to sell

im new to blacksmithing but have been practicing for about 8 months but have a hard time finding good markets i make knifes and bottle openers mostly if anyone knows a good market or a better thing to sale i would appreciate it.

Move away from niche and novelty markets. “into practical things” – things even knife crazies use, start making Pokers and fire rakes, folding Tripods’ for camping, and hanging baskets, S-hooks are also good usable item, they go with tripods as well, fancy fence hangers for plant pots, fancy candelabras, candle holders, pots and pan holders, just things everyone can use. not some niche market.

You will get lots of ideas on youtube, I am afraid I would put knife makers in the same category as pen makers, - its art work, not blacksmith work, in fact the knifes these people produce, are not made for everyday use, they are show pieces. for people that like pretty things.

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