Are these Champion 60B blowers counterfit?

I have one Champion 60B which I picked up at a defunct harness track 30+ years ago. I know it to be a genuine article. I also have two more 60B’s which I found at a recent estate sale. Neither shows any sign of use. Problem is, both are made of ALUMINUM! The size, markings, quality of casting and smoothness of operation are the absolute duplicates of my cast iron original. I have searched the Internet and been unable to find ANY cast aluminum model 60’s. Are these genuine Champions or really good counterfits? Thanks, John

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I can’t say I’ve seen many counterfeit blowers out there, but I suppose it may be possible. Made out of aluminum is weird. Do you have pictures of it at all? Can we see?

I haven’t yet figured out how to add pictures yet, but when I wrote that these aluminum 60B’s were exact duplicates of the original, I meant exact. There are only two ways to tell the difference. 1. Lift it. The aluminum model is obviously heavier. 2. The aluminum model is not ferrous.
A magnet will not be attracted. I remember what my original 60B looked like before I painted it black. Even the color of the aluminum model is close.