Anyone know what type of hammer this is??

So at a local Amish feed store where I get feed for my forge supervisory team (goats) they always have nice old tools that people are selling, and I often buy them! This is where I found the small vice with the leg cut off… So today I walked in and saw a sledge hammer and the owner ( knowing me) immediately said that’s not mine I put a new handle on it for a fellow and asked him, he will not sell it. To that I protested, but to no avail! It was about 4.5-5" in diameter and 16 lbs…anyone know what it’s for???

Not sure what it’s made for but I do really like it. That pickaxe style handle is a great idea on bigger hammers.

Just looks like a squat strike sledge to me, I love the look of these large faced and squat strike sledges.

Yeah the handle is interesting on it! Didn’t notice til you pointed it out, Javos

I retract my previous claim - after seeing another types of these hammers come up I’m almost certain that’s a post maul, for driving wooden posts into the ground. Also, I heard that these are often cast instead of solid steel, which would make it not ideal for a strike sledge or to hit metal with it!

I suppose the face is so large so that it doesn’t concentrate the blow and split the posts when driving them.

That makes since the Amish here do drive the fence lines…it did look cast. It was an impressive maul though!

I sort of think it is what is known as a stake hammer used for driving stakes when building forms.

Hmm, come to think of it, it may actually be one. :slight_smile:

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