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This is my Nimba Titan, it’s 120lbs and is hardened to Rockwell 52, the stand is two larch beam 8x8s with 4x8 and 3x6 top and bottom rims, I am thinking the bottom rim is keeping my feet too far out though. It rings when loose but I got some conveyor belt. The nice part is that there is space under the anvil, so I made a mounting bracket that lags down to the stump, then two 5/8 drill rods are the clamping cauls that hold it down, using 1/4 inch bolts. I used the bolts as the fail safe point in the system.

Looks like a solid stand! And ooooo… Those Nimbas. So pretty! :slight_smile: I love the working face on the Nimba, so much area.

I would agree, the bottom looks like you may be having your feet a little far for some smaller work. A lot of smiths like being real up and close to their anvil, almost directly over it in some cases. I know of a smith who got a black eye cause his head was right over the anvil and he miss-swung, and the rebound knocked him right in the eye!

My anvil has a little space in the stand, where I can swing my foot under and get closer to it. You can see it a little in this photo… There isn’t metal or wood blocking me from having my foot in that pocket.


Is that your 400#er? Love that stand!

Yep - I don’t know the exact weight, it’s 400+… I would say somewhere in the middle between 400-500. I don’t have a big enough scale to weigh it, and don’t want to spend the money yet on a big scale just to weigh it once and then never used the scale again :wink:

The stand is a factory stand, 217 lbs. I had to throw some treated under it to get it to the right height.

Came from an old rail yard, talked to the guy who used to work there, great history.

Very nice!

Mine needs to be more than a lifetime tool, at $7.17 per pound I figure I now have to force my son into smithing to make it seem less!

So here is the anvil and hold down system fairly different than anything I have seen…might be no good, but we will see!

Hah! Well, I think it’ll very much likely last a few life times given proper treatment for sure!

That hold down system seems like it will work great! Any movement from the anvil? Is that a threaded block with a top bolt going down into it?

Yeah, the mounting bracket is 1/2 x 1-1/4 lag bolted to the stand, then the 1/4 inch bolts go through the drill rod and into the threaded holes on the bracket.

So far so good, but I am reserving judgement because it is so different than anything else…but the base of this anvil doesn’t really lend itself to the normal mounting strategies

Nice anvils fellas! Loves the lines on that Ninba.

Here are my two. One is a 110# Colombian that I have mounted low for striking, great little anvil. My second anvil is a newer Big Blu 260#.

How do you like that big blu? I saw those when I was looking…

I would love to have a large anvil but for now this is what I have to work with.
I must admit it is doing a fine job even if it is only 133 lb. It has great rebound 90 to 95% across the face.

Nice anvil, Banjo! 133lb is a great size, I actually wish I had one around that size.

Nice singer forge stand too! :wink:

Nice! I like your stand! Plus you got me beat by 13 lbs!

The Big Blu has been ok. I like the weight, the shape of the horn and the two pritchel holes. The shelf on the front has come in handy more than once too. What I don’t like is the width of the face, I’d like a little more surface to work with.

Is it a 4inch face?

That was the one thing that tipped me over the edge on the nimba, 120lbs and a 5 inch face, can’t really find a wide face on too many light (affordable) anvils…

Finally got a non rainy day to use all my stuff, made a terrible looking pair of tongs and a camp cooking fork…anvil hold down did fine! 4.5 lbs hammer made me realize how long it’s been since I swung a hammer all day for a living though…wow!

Good looking tools :slight_smile:

Ok, I need to make an offering to the anvil god tonight!

Our town has an annual Amish hospital benefit auction, and I saw a nice anvil up there, I have campers at camp so my buddy is bidding for me, thing is it’s 370# but all I could muster was $400! Hence the offerings! It was marked in hundred weight so it’s got a few years on it…

We will see, this is the same auction and same buddy that got my forge for $100 so…

Wish me luck, everyone throw clovers in your forge fire!

No luck, an Amish machinist friend of mine bought it, and when I saw it in his shop I was not as smitten so…it worked out!

That’s good :slight_smile: That is a big anvil. I’m finding mine is actually difficult to work with at times, luckily, I have another nice sized anvil available nearby (used to be my grandfather’s, actually) so I’ll be picking that one up, and I might drop my 400+ fellow down to the ground to be used for striking :slight_smile: Just too much face, it’s hard to use sometimes!

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