Anvil resurface or not?


My new Anvil,No cracks no breaks or fractures that I can see but top is worn should I grind it flat or leave it as is?
Iv done no forge work ever.


Hi Jimbo,
Can you post a picture of the top. If it has a lot of surface rust then you may be better off taking an angle grinder too it, if there is minimal rust but there is rust dug in to the avil you nay need to leave the anvil in vinegar and then hand sand it with sand paper.

-Hope this helps somewhat…


Thanks for the reply Owen,I thought did post the image,I will try again.



I saw the original image all I was asking was a picture of like you looking down onto the top of it so I could see the surface rust, I see that there are some make fluctuations so it’ll probably take a tedious amount of work with an angle grinder to get level but I would say that the tedious work is necessary if you plan on working on any detailed projects soon.


This is the only one I have with me showing the top,It has had a little dressing.



Thank you for the pictures, it doesnt look too bad in the top I think it’d be fine to work with.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.


No problem, I hope I somewhat helped…