Anvil alternative?

Hi I’m new to the blacksmithing I’ve seen lots of videos offering advice on what you can use until you can afford a proper anvil and from my research a large solid block of steel seems to be my best option. Is there anywhere in the uk I can go other than standard scrap yard to find a Decent block and is there anything I should be looking for when selecting my temp block of steel? Cheers in advanced Jason

I am not familiar with UK metal sources, but the scrapyard is a universal treasure trove no matter where you live. You want to have decent mass, though just starting out you don’t need a 150 lb (about 68kg) chunk of steel, you can get by with something much smaller until you start moving up to larger workpieces. Take some ball bearings or a ball peen with you and check for rebound, chances of finding a hardened tool plate are pretty slim but mild steel will get you by for years with proper care.

Also, if you have a legal source, railroad track is what i started out using, and it works just fine. My neighbor is a metal sculptor of 50+ years and hes had the same piece of track the whole time. Beware though, in the US taking anything away from railroad property is a federal crime (nowadays they even get homeland security involved), and I would assume that it is similar in the UK.


I have a legit anvil but sometimes for kicks I’ll use what I used before my anvil: a surprisingly hard and flat natural rock on a tree stump (Haven’t even chipped it). But yeah I’d go with the steel block as well.

Man I have to see that!!

As soon as I get home I’ll show ya

Bad ass!! This is my old upside down railroad track. Good anvil.

Probably could find an old railroad tracks from all the old tracks in or out of town. Yours is cool

Appreciate it! I have not seen anyone use it upside down. It makes more sense to me because of the wider work area. I welded up a hardy hole from a round pipe, put in a square pipe and welded away.

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There’s the rock :joy:

That is extremely cool and primitive! As long as it works good. Now I want one!!

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