Another newcomer

Hello all

I am new in the art, i have not found any equipment- but that will come along a little by little. I have some small skills in Calligraphy, and Woodcarving.
My goal is to combine those art forms with metalwork- into something beautiful, and also useful.

It is a bit challenging to find quality tools where i am living, it is deep in Philippines, south in Mindanao. I am the only foreigner living here, that suits me just fine.
Would be nice to be a resource for the locals here when i have my forge up and running.

Thank you


Welcome Trond!

I think metal work and calligraphy could play really well together! I look forward to seeing your work.

Sounds like that could be an adventurous place to live!

Thanks Sir. I will present some of my creations once i have assembled all the bits and pieces. :slight_smile:

Welcome Trond! Very nice accompanying skills, both woodworking and calligraphy. I look forward to having you a part of our wonderful community.

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