Wondering the age difference of the smiths who use this site could you comment your age below?
I myself am 12


Cool. Keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m 48.

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I’m 13

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Wow! Keep up with what you’re doing, lads. Great skill knows no boundaries, even age. :slight_smile:


Well sunshine: I have a good sixty years on you, I may not be as agile as you are (now) but I am as clear as a cloudy day.

You may call me Gramps:


im 15 myself,
hoping im still going to be going when i get to your age


29 and just getting started. Hope I can learn something from all of you!


32 here :slight_smile:


19 started about 4 years ago


I’m right there with Dordtrecht5,
You youngbloods keep on keeping on. Good to see young guys wanting to learn an age old craft and take pride in working with their hands. Don’t see much of that nowadays it seems.


17 started last year.


16 here and quite a newbie


im 14 but i started at 11 blacksmithing and blade smithing and jewelry making

  1. I’m very impressed of the young guys. I hope you keep at it. This craft needs to live on forever.


I am 16, I started about 4 years ago


I just turned twenty-four…but thanks to the 12 year old blacksmith I feel like an old geezer now hahaha.