6150 Spring Steel for Sale

Hello All,
I am interested in learning about blade making and various other forge creations. I was in the process of building my first forge when I found myself having to move and store a very large supply of 6150. I have a friend in a local shop and so i asked what they do with left overs from job runs. I wanted to get a hold of a good supply at a great price. See, this was a mistake. Looking back now, when I had agreed to remove a small rack of steel I had a much smaller rack in mind. So far the foundation in my garage is cracking and I’ve not yet had time to build my forge. I have to pick up another load next week. So there’s the back story.

This is super clean. It’s cold rolled and annealed. I have many widths and thickness that range from 1.4" to 4.5" wide x 0.122 to 0.250 thick. I am selling 48" lengths. I will cut them to 12, 24 or 48 to match the shipping you select. I am selling at Blade6150.com. Let me know if you have any questions. You can post on this post, personal message me here or contact me through the website. I do not have my phone number or address on the website for public display, but if you’d like to reach out via message i’d be happy to send my phone number. Thanks for reading! ~ John

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